Triple auger vertical mixer Model MV Triplo-30 and MV Triplo-35

Mezclador arrastrado triplo
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The triple vertical mixer is based on a tapered conical shape with three conical vertical augers enabling any product to be chopped and mixed.

For larger capacities, the height of the single vertical mixers is excessive and is not suitable in many installations. The use of a three-auger design allows a lower machine with a larger capacity to be used, with the same mixing advantages of single auger machines.

Mixing is carried out by the effect of the multiple serrated blades of the augers, which cut the product while it moves up and then falls back down thanks to gravity.

The wide range of discharging possibilities of this type of mixer is one of its great advantages, as it can be adapted to any installation.

In addition, this mixer model is equipped with a hydraulically controlled gear change using wires or an optional solenoid valve block.

Other advantages:

* Independent frame

* High capacity for lower heights

* Easy to operate

* Low power consumption

* Quick mix

* Simple maintenance



  MV30T MV35T
CAPACITY m³ 30 35
POWER CV 125 150
PNEUMATICS 435/50  R19,5 435/50  R19,5
A mm 9900 9980
B mm 3020 3260
C mm 2400 2530
D mm 2265 2265
E mm 550 550
F mm 920 920


Vertical mixer.

3 vertical augers with serrated blades.

4 adjustable counter knives.

Vertical ladder accessible from both sides.

Gear change (servo assisted).

Programmable Scale (15 rations, 15 ingredients).

6 load cells.

Cable control.

Hydraulic footstand and manual pump.

Hydraulic  and manual brake .

Towbar height adjustable screw.

Gear change.

Step-down gear.

Without hydraulic installation: Quick connection fittings to the tractor.

Front or rear belt or discharge door.



*  Hydraulic footstand with hand pump

*  Mechanical Footstand


*  Manual brake

*  Hydraulic brake

*  Manual and hydraulic brake

*  Pneumatic and manual brake


*  Additional belt

*  Additional discharge door

*  Door on curved part

*  Tailgate door opening

*  Manual distributor for feeding sheep

*  Belt on side door

*  Conveyor belt extension

*  Moveable belt


*  Hopper for gravity concentrates

*  Belt flow regulator

*  Battery bracket

*  Full battery kit

*  Positioning light installation


*  Water incorporation ring

*  Overflow ring

*  Single ladder

*  Liquid feed pipe

*  Hydraulic counter knives

*  Boggie

*  Super magnetic plate


*  Change gear

*  Pass from boggie to tridem


*  Manual flexible wire control

*  Electrical control

*  Electrical control gear shift

*   Wireless radio control

Hydraulic system  accessories:

*  Straw Chopper - Solenoid valve control

*  Swivel chute - Solenoid valve control

*  Side and swivel chutes - Solenoid valve control

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