Research, Development and Innovation
The development of new products and improving existing ones is and has been one of the hallmarks of the Tatoma Group.

To that end, it has a team of engineers and technicians who continue to explore and develop new proposals, as is reflected in the numerous patents throughout its trajectory, both in Spain and in Europe or worldwide.

Its own internal organization is organised to facilitate collaboration among different departments, so that all the knowledge, experience and skill in a particular technology can be combined effectively for the common benefit.

Innovation is therefore a component that has permeated everyday activities throughout Tatoma, as part of the company's founding spirit. Therefore, steadily over the years we have developed multiple solutions linked to the metal sector, collaborating extensively with other enterprises and institutions for the joint implementation of R + D + i, thus obtaining extensive experience in this field.

Grupo Tatoma has acquired a clear commitment to the future, strengthening and improving its capabilities to generate long term value and is a source of competitive advantage. To achieve this purpose, it does not hesitate to devote the necessary resources, which result in a certified and suitable technological means.

This sustained investment in R + D + i is reflected in numerous initiatives and innovative applications, providing differentiated solutions. Its implementation has been instrumental in positioning the company as a leader in generating new technologies, processes and knowledge.
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