History of the Group Tatoma
The history of Grupo Tatoma from its beginnings to the present day is one of motivation, constant dedication and effort. Throughout its trajectory, this family company has been characterised by its professionalism and expertise in the metal sector.

Currently, Grupo Tatoma is an exemplary company, with state-of-the-art technology in the fields in which it develops its business, and with a sustainable and future growth prospective.
  • Beginnings

    The origins of Grupo Tatoma date back to XIXth Century. At that time the activity was carried out within the family´s forge.

    Located in centre of Monzon, Huesca, and especially renowned for their artistic work in railings and gratings.

    Stepping into the 20th century, the company Melchor Torres S.A. (Metosa) began to centre its activity on the production of machines for industrial use, such as hydraulic presses or machining equipment and were to become an authentic reference in the sector.

    After a series of structural changes, in 1971 the factory Talleres Torres Martí was officially set up, otherwise known as Tatoma.
  • 1971 - 1980

    Talleres Torres Martí started out in a rented building and with a single employee, providing technical service and maintenance to different companies in the area.

    In 1972 they transferred to their first premises, with 12 workers. In that same year they were to obtain their first patent for the container “C100”.

    During the 70s they began to make their first agricultural tools, the forerunners of the agricultural machinery commercialised later.

    The activity was at the time centred in the industrial sector, manufacturing all types of structural machines and elements for different thermal and electrical power stations, chemical industries and large factories, in collaboration with main engineering companies in the country.

    At the end of this decade, the Tatoma mark had already become well-known throughout the country.
  • 1980 - 1990

    In 1983 Grupo Tatoma sells their first mixer in Spain, for which they obtain the patent in 1984.

    1989 saw the creation of the Ingeniería y Montajes Monzón S.L., with the aim of consolidating the manufacture and commercialization of agro-livestock machinery and differentiating from the rest of the activities of the company.

    In 1990, Grupo Tatoma begins to export thanks to PIPE (Spanish Export Programme), initially to France, and later to the rest of Europe.
  • 1991 - 2000

    In 1992 the facilities are extended, and a new work centre was created in the Polígono Paúles in Monzón.

    1998 sees the creation of Servimosa, S.L., company dedicated fundamentally to the maintenance of industrial facilities, taking over from the first service offered by Talleres Torres Martí, and through which they began to build up recognized prestige.

    2000, Grupo Tatoma S.L., is set up as the parent company and Torres Martí disappeared, leaving behind the legacy of the globally recognised brand Tatoma. Simultaneously, the company Transformados Torres Martí, S.L., was set up.

    By this stage, Grupo Tatoma were already receiving orders and exporting worldwide, positioning itself as a company with a clear international vocation.
  • 2001 - 2011

    Between 2003 and 2004 a commercial network was formally established in France, to promote the sale of mixers and other machinery, as well as providing customer care for the farmers there.

    2007 saw an extension to the work centre at Paúles and new facilities in the Armentera industrial area in Monzón were inaugurated, doubling the factory area.

    In 2008, as a result of the increase of exports to the American continent, Comexintra in Aguascalientes, Mexico, was set up to distribute and commercialize Tatoma´s products there.

    In 2011 Grupo Tatoma created the company Tatoma USA, based in Colcord, Oklahoma, hence strengthening the market in the United States and responding to the growing demand for products flood and services by customers in that area.

    At the present time the group has 176 workers and four different work centres. The company continues to grow, and the Tatoma brand is a world-wide reference in the sectors in which it operates.
  • Future

    Grupo Tatoma has assumed a firm commitment to creating value, through the development of new businesses and the growth of the existing ones.

    For this very reason the future is focused on harnessing its innovating capacity, in the search for:

    - differentiation, through the improvement of its current products and services. This is why the companies at Grupo Tatoma specialize in their respective fields of action, adapting to the new necessities of the clients.

    - diversification, by means of the development of new products and services to which the customer is attracted. For this reason there is ongoing effort in R+D+i allowing innovative products to be launched onto the market, in the search for a greater and more complete service.

    This continuous innovation, together with constant expansion into the international market, constitutes its main commitment to the future so as to continue with it sustained growth which has perpetuated through time, and has made customer service it hallmark.
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