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If you are after a silage bagger to suit the size of your operation, then the ENS-150 caters to all your needs

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ENS 150
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Grupo Tatomaare aware of the challenges faced by livestock farmers and producers and suppliers within the industrial farming sector. This is why we focus our efforts, innovations and research on our agricultural division in order to offer your business ground-breaking machinery for your most demanding tasks.

A high-performance silage bagger for the industrial farming sector

The ENS-150 is a solution suited to livestock farming in Spain and abroad. This solid, efficient and cutting-edge silage bagger has everything you need. It can process 20–25 tonnes/h of raw material by means of an endless bagging system.

This is possible because of its universal joint transmission shaft that can be coupled to a tractor’s driving mechanism. This particular machine has an opening through which fodder passes in order to be chopped into smaller and more compact portions by toothed rollers. The raw material is quickly chopped and then sent to the endless bagging system.

This compact silage bagger grinds, chops and reduces any type of fodder, such as hay or maize. It offers an efficient method for keeping fodder in the best conditions. This machine makes the most effective use of anaerobic fermentation by leaving the fodder well-packed for storage with the least possible amount of oxygen.

If you are after a silage bagger to suit the size of your operation, then the ENS-150 caters to all your needs. It is solid machinery built from long-lasting materials to the strictest quality standards. This solution has been tried and tested, and is recognised throughout Spain and has garnered praise in different international settings.


Grupo Tatoma: Specialists in industrial farming machinery

At Grupo Tatoma we put our expertise in industrial farming machinery and cutting-edge technology to use in order to cater to livestock farmers’ most pressing needs. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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